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5 Tips to Get Useful Feedback


Getting customer feedback/testimonials/complaints can really help you identify what parts of your
business are working well and what needs attention.

We recently implemented a free feedback service on some of our websites and the information we have received has been quite valuable.

People have given us testimonials which we can use on the store to boost buyer confidence. We have received constructive criticism, helpful hints and some product range ideas too. And (I must admit a little to my surprise) we haven’t been abused at all!

So, here are 5 good tips of mine to get some really useful customer feedback :


  1. Ask customers for feedback on your service when you process their order. Many online stores facilitate automatic emails when products are paid for/shipped etc. Change your template to include a request for some feedback. Some customers will respond, ad they will usually be honest. Use this feedback to look at your processes.
  2. Use a free feedback service like Kampyle. Kampyle allows you to create your own feedback and rating survey of your site, allowing visitors to comment and rate your site and service. We have used this to very good effect. And best of all, it is free!
    Kampyle can ask for information on anything you like. Product Mix, Pricing, Service, Categorisation etc etc.
  3. Ask for feedback in 2 weeks. After you post the customer’s item ask them to provide some email feedback on the service and product. Insert a special offer, or maybe offer a prize for the best feedback email for the month.
  4. Use a product rating tool on your store. Product rating tools can not only help you identify good quality products and average ones, but they also improve customer confidence in the purchase process and should help to boost conversion rates.
  5. When you speak to them, ASK them! When you are communicating on the phone to a customer, ask them what they thought of your service. Often, customers who call have issues and to be honest these are the customers you should be focusing on. Was delivery slow? Email response slow? Service not high enough for them? Product quality average?
    Customers with issue will be quite happy to tell you how to improve your business! Don’t get defensive, listen and learn.

For some of you it might be a little scary to ask your customers what they think of you, but toughen up and do it. You might be surprised with what you learn.

Don’t forget too that it is far more likely for customers to contact you with complaints, so if someone sends you a congratulatory message on your service and/or products then give yourself a little pat on the back and keep working!

I really recommend looking at a tool like Kampyle too, You can really learn something.

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