Written by Slade Sherman
New application CrowdSauce lets you ask for a discount

Australian social media company Myzerr, has today launched a new platform called CrowdSauce.com.

CrowdSauce allows users to search for businesses and then request a deal from that business using the 'Reward Me' button on the website or Location Aware iPhone application. Once a user requests a deal they have the option of setting up a virtual 'Flash Mob' to invite friends to also ask for a deal from that business, thus building the crowd around popular businesses.

As the crowd for businesses grow, those businesses will have the option of promoting deals to their crowd and active users in the CrowdSauce network will also be rewarded with additional incentives and benefits.
CrowdSauce founder and CEO Slade Sherman says that the website and iPhone app is designed to give people deals from the businesses they like, rather than the deal-of-the-day approach of blasting a single deal to a large database. "Deal-of-the-day sites send you a deal they want to sell you, our approach is to source deals for you based on what YOU want" says Sherman.

He continues "We allow a business to tailor a deal specifically for their crowd (those that have requested a deal from that business) and this gives the business more control and better engagement with their loyal customers".

CrowdSauce is available in Australia and the US and the website was launched today.